KURZ Tribotechnik

Burkhardt Kurz, a qualified engineer, spent 15 years of his working career managing several medium sized foundries in the Baden-Württemberg area.

In 1996 he decided to establish his own business specialising in wear protection products. Thomas Wurmbach, also a qualified engineer, joined Burkhardt Kurz shortly thereafter and  the company Kurz Tribotechnik GmbH & Co.KG was founded.

The Tribotechnik portion of the company name was derived from the Greek word “Tribology“ which means the study of wear and friction and “Technik“ which means technology.

Kurz Tribotechnik GmbH & Co.KG has established itself as a leading technology centre for wear protection.

Developments in tribological engineering have the potential to provide large savings in operational costs for many industries.

The company, working in close cooperation with its customers and suppliers, provides solutions for wear protection problems using new and different technologies and materials.