Plain bearing systems for use in abrasive media

TONI® plain bearing systems offer an innovative and economical alternative to conventional bearings for use in abrasive media. The concept at the heart of the TONI® plain bearing is simple yet ingenious. Unlike a conventional bearing where a rotating journal engages in a bushing outside the bearing housing, with TONI® a journal is mounted directly on the housing wall and is enclosed by the rotating bushing.

The benefits are clear:

• Less contamination as the load is taken on the upper surface of the journal.

• Maintenance-free - no more need for constant lubrication with the grease gun.

• Far less contact pressure, as a face that matches the bearing bushing soon forms in operation, unlike point and line pressure in conventional bearings.

• Extremely high durability (e.g. 8 years continuous operation in a sand classifier).

• Easy to assemble thanks to relatively large plain bearing clearance. Thermal distortion can be disregarded when welding the spirals.

• Bearing bushing can be used both in the spiral tube or as a flange-mounted bushing.